Jon Melby

Airshow Pilot - Mentor - Coach

Professional Top Level Aerial Entertainer

Established in 2002

Great with media and VIP's!

Pegasus Airpark Phoenix, AZ

"Become a Boss of all your fears and be anxious for nothing!" ~Jon Melby~

established 2002

Inspiring people to achieve their dreams

Being an airshow pilot is much more than performing aerial antics for a crowd. In fact, the aerial demonstration is only a small part that Jon plays in his role as an airshow pilot.

However, the skill that it takes to perform extreme aerobatic maneuvers at low altitude safely is immense.   Experience and dedication the craft is key.  Jon has been a pilot since he was 15 years old and a professional airshow pilot since 2002!

Jon has performed in person and  television in the USA, Canada, and in Mexico with millions of people who have watched him at his best.   The message from Jon has always been to his fans that “You can achieve anything if you simply try!”~Jon Melby

Airshow Pilot and FearBoss
skilled in Multiple Areas

boss of his fears - A FearBoss

What makes Jon Melby so unique

Not just an average life

Aerial Performer

The goal is to use airshows to inspire others to achieve their dreams. No matter the dream!

Podcast and Public Speaker

Solutions to help people overcome fear in their life so they can become a FearBoss

Inspires through Video

Whether streaming videos of his performance or on television, both have a message.

Highly Qualified Aviator

Airline Transport Pilot with surface level solo and formation aerobatic certifications.

Airshow Season

Performs in many airshows throughout the year. Hopefully one near you!

USAF Spec Ops Veteran

Veteran with the US Air Force as an aircrew loadmaster on MC-130 and C-141 Aircraft.

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What the

Fans say.

" My family was at an airshow recently and Jon was one of the performers in the airshow. My husband, my two sons, and I were passing by Jon wearing his flight suit while walking in the crowd. My son pointed to Jon and said look mom, a pilot. Jon immediately stopped to say hello, high five my sons, take a photo, and signed his autograph. My sons talked about that for a long time!"
Michelle P.
" I had an absolute fear of flying my entire life! Jon signed autographs at an airshow I attended and I told him I was afraid to fly. He said that flying is just like driving on snow, it takes practice. Professional pilots are highly trained and there is nothing to be afraid of. I went for a pilot intro flight at a small airport and I am no longer afraid to fly. Thanks Jon!"
Frank C.
" When I was 13 years old, Jon signed an autograph card for me. I told him I want to be a pilot someday. Now, I am a professional pilot living the dream I had as a child! Thanks Jon for inspiring me to become what I am today!"
Ryan K.
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